Foundation Is Good For Your Skin

Wearing makeup can boost your self-esteem and make you feel more confident to tackle whatever you face during your day whether at home, at work, or anywhere.   But did you also know that wearing makeup can protect your skin?  Wearing foundation that contains SPF and Titanium Dioxide will help in protecting your skin from sun damage and harmful UV rays, which is the number one reason our skin ages.

Wearing Kimane Foundation Stix and Kimane Oil Free Pressed Powder daily will provide the necessary day to day protection from the sun you need while on the go.  It will also help to keep your skin looking younger.  Taking the extra time in the morning to put on your foundation is well worth it.  You will look beautiful and camera ready all day long while protecting your face.

As an Esthetician, Clinician and Skin Care Specialist with 20 years of experience with skin and hands on treatments, I can say wearing foundation is good for your skin.  It won’t clogged, suffocate or not letting the skin breathe as most believes it will.  In fact, wearing Kimane foundation offers many benefits and protection against harmful UV rays.  It is a blendable cream to soft powder foundation, leaving the skin softly powered without looking matte, and it gives full coverage.  

Kimane foundation contains SPF 18 for optimal sun protection, Shea Butter for skin softening properties.  It also contains vitamin A, C and E, It’s Paraben free and can be used as a concealer or foundation.  Also, keep in mind wearing daily moisturizer and sunscreen for full protection from damaging rays (UVA and UVB), given off by the sun.  Never leaves your skin bare before applying foundation.

Without question, the right foundation is essential for a beautiful makeup application, and serve as the canvas for the rest of your makeup.  Do your skin a favor, and wear Kimane foundation daily.