Choose the Best Lipstick for You

Kimane Lipsticks

Putting on lipstick is the easiest way to make a statement.  Factors such as your mood, your outfit, the time of day and the occasion will all play a role in selecting your perfect lip color.

Here are some tips for selecting lipstick that will complement the look you desire.  Keep in mind the most important factor is how you feel once the color is applied to your lips.

-Determine your undertone- yellow or pink; apply pressure with your index finger or thumb to the inside of your forearm and hold for a few seconds.  Once release it will show the undertone. 

-Yellow undertones look better in warm colors; pink undertones look better in cool colors.

-Warm, neutral and pink colors works best during the day while red and berry colors pop at night.

-For a subtle more natural look select a color that is a few shades darker than your bottom lip.

-If you want your lips to look smaller use darker shades in a matte finish. Lighter shades and lip glosses tend to give the illusion of large lips.

-If wearing dramatic eye shadows keep your lips casual or nude.  Dramatic eyes or dramatic lip, choose one never both.

-Apply the color to your top and bottom lip then press together. 

-Add foundation and pressed powder to you lips to make the lipstick last longer.


The Kimane line of lipsticks flatters all skin tones.  Matte, cream and glossy liquid lipstick is available in a variety of colors. Our lipsticks contain antioxidants to soften and protect beautiful smiles. They are intense and vibrant with extreme staying power that will not fade or feather.  Kimane Lipsticks glide on smoothly and are packed with mouthwatering color.  Kimane line of liquid lips is enriched with Vitamin E, leaving your lips soft and luscious, non-sticky, glossy and weightless.

Whether your style is bold, adventurous or more neutral let us help you soak your lips in one of our shiny, fresh and delicious shades.