How To Get Your Bold Lipstick To Last All Day.

How To Get Your Bold Lipstick To Last All Day.

I have been asked this question all the time so here are my secrets, it's a combination of prep, application and product.

To ensure your lipstick last you always want to start with a well prepped lip. Start with a lip scrub (honey and sugar works), same as you exfoliate you skin, you need to do the same with your lips to removed dead skin cells.

Next apply hydrating lip balm or primer, this will moisturize and relieve any chapped or dryness on the lips.

Pat on foundation or concealer over lips to cancel out your lip's natural pink and allow the color's true hue comes through. This also helps enhance the lipstick's true color.

  If you're wearing a bold lip color, outlining the outer edge of your lip line with our Kimane long-wearing, water-proof, highly pigmented Ultimate Lip Liner. These soft, creamy pencils glide on effortlessly for intense, true color that won't feather or bleed.

 Now, fill in the entire lip with the pencil before applying your   lipstick, this serves as a layer of color for the lipstick to grab   onto. You will get maximum depth and intensity that doesn't   bleed and last all day long.

 Begin applying your favorite Kimane lipstick', intense, vibrant, matte color. Our full-coverage formula slides on smoothly for mouth-watering, long-lasting, beautiful lips.

For added staying power, take a tissue and separate it into two halves. Place one sheet on your lips and dust a translucent powder over the lips, through the tissue. This sets the color, without depositing a layer of powder.

Apply a bit more lipstick on top. Now, Your lip color is ready to last all day!